About Fitness 4 Change

When researching various activities for our own children, we found we weren’t able to afford dance classes for our girls or afford a private soccer club for our son. Budgeting for activities that we know are so important for children’s health and wellness is a challenge. Perhaps other families in our community wanted to expose their children to fun activities but couldn’t afford it. We started Fitness 4 Change.
Familiar with basic dance and soccer instruction, we volunteered and coordinated classes in March of 2010 in an elementary school with 65 children in K through 3rd grade. Within one year, we provided more children the opportunity to explore their talents at three different schools reaching over 300 participants…and counting.  Our focus is to provide the opportunity for children to exercise, learn, and interact with their peers in ways that are important for their health and development. If they develop a love for a specific sport or dance while they have fun and exercise…all the better.
Fitness 4 Change’s mission is to provide children with affordable high-quality fitness instruction. 
Our purpose is to bring exercise programming in movement arts, athletics, as well as educational activities to you.  Keeping an affordable fee structure is a priority. Having developed scholarship opportunities, we are also able to make this programming available to the families that need it at reduced or no cost. Our instructors are engaged, creative and capable.
Children are challenged to be disciplined in their practice, kind in their manner, and develop the determination to succeed in a supportive environment. Developing a life-long love for fitness, improving self-esteem and creating an appreciation for community are all important to our health and happiness.
Classes encourage artistic expression, movement, and fitness. We intend to build self esteem, as well as provide an environment where a love of music, dance and sports can thrive. Some children may not yet know what their interests and talents are and we intend to help them find some of their talents.
We are very proud of the support we have received in the communities we serve. Volunteers, instructors, parents, teachers,and children have all contributed to our program with invaluable feedback and encouragement. With grateful hearts, we continue to grow and will make every attempt to meet our communities’ needs. Fitness 4 Change is committed to…
…Moving A Healthy Nation
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